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i draw alot of cartoons XP



How to Video
A how to/tutorial video on how I drew your picture if you have placed a commission, this is added on to the base price of the commision
Short melody
a sound recording of a metal riff or a soft tune, to be used for video introductions and the like, whatever fits your fancy ( Be advised that these will only be simple style melodies, don't expect metallica or technical metal perfection)
digital work
Travern (bio) by TheIcedWolf
Digitally coloured picture 
Traditional Sketch
Muscle Bunny :3 by TheIcedWolf
simple pencil or ball point sketch



Journal History


Honii! :D by TheIcedWolf
Honii! :D
Just a little drawing I did suring a stream recently to show anatomy

dammit anxiety let me draw Honii more!

anyway, enjoy this adorable lil Honii bunii sketch :meow:

Honii (C) :icontheicedwolf:

Steal and ill dissolve your skeleton in the great skeleton war
Published my first instrumental onto youtube, check it out peeps!…
if you want me to make musical compositions a commission on my page just let me know :D…

come by and see some stuff :3
Great, one more website that's being modified to "Appeal to a wider audience"




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any points to spare? i appreciate it ^^

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United Kingdom
a little info on me

i draw a lot of cartoons, mostly Animainiacs and speilberg cartoons, but in recent years i just draw a ton of other cartoons, as well as various horror relarted characters

Here the details about requests/comissions

You'll normall only get a free sketch if:

You have just become my friend on DA

Art trades

and every so often i'll put a free request open in my journal

Paid sketches:
havnt done any so far, i will only do these if the request at hand is a big projects, and i may charge a small fee, not a lot though.

That's about it ^^


Sketch: £5.00

can be up to 2 characters, additional characters after that will be £1.50 per extra character.

Traditional Coloured sketch: £8

pencil/pen coloured sketch. can be up to 2 characters, additional characters after that will be £1.50 per extra character.

Digital Outline: £10

A digital black outline, can be up to 2 characters. additional characters after that will be £1.50 per extra Character

Digital Colour (no shading) £13

a digital image of up to 2 characters, outlined in black and then coloured with no shading. additional characters will be £1.50 per extra Character

Digital Colour (with shading) £18

A digitally shaded image of up to 2 characters, additional characters will be £1.50 per extra Character

Nsfw images: +£5 (estimate)

if the image you want is a NSFW themed image it will be extra as some of the things people have wanted me to draw in the past have been....unsettling, at best, so sorry but, Nsfw images will cost more.

Animation: £20

a short animation of up to 2 characters.additional characters will be £3.50 per extra Character

And now before you comment on this journal READ THIS.

1. don't come on here and say "I would commission you but I don't have the money :(" many times ive seen this on the sites im on and it actually infuriates me ( as well as others im sure)

2. NO I WONT EXCEPT "EXPOSURE" AS PAYMENT. you either pay in money or no picture, simple as.

3. all payments must be received BEFORE I start working on the image, the last time I drew for someone first they didn't pay me and what looks like they blocked me from accessing their page ( THIS IS ALSO WHY IM MAKING THESE RULES, I sorry if I sound like a harsh dick but the amount of times ive been screwed over in the past is how its come to this)

4. Point commissions are NOT AVALIABLE as of now until when I say so, I don't need points right now, ive got a lot going on this year and I need to get some extra money together for it (uni for example)

5. please don't be put off if I look harsh, im just trying my best to make sure that I don't get played like a fool again after my last commission job.

6. if your interested in a commission, NOTE ME. I wouldn't comment on this journal as it makes it more difficult to keep track of the commissions otherwise.

thank you for taking the time to read this, and I thank you especially if your considering commissioning me after you read this ^^

Current Residence: England
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium-large
Print preference: A4
Favourite genre of music: The one with the shouting people (metal, and other stuff)
Favourite style of art: pencil and paper, occasional art programs
Operating System: Windows somthingorother
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Wallpaper of choice: Mr Happy Smug
Favourite cartoon character: too many
Personal Quote:

come by and see some stuff :3

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Hello Maxwell, My name is Lord Reginald Thumpington of duke street court of the Lance Corporal guard for our great queen's country in order to serve the best dang cookie dough ice cream to the mass to please ones country

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sure bro, sounds like a plan!
Maxwell-Kraft Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
*hugs* thank you connolf (I couldn't decide XD)
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if the pain goes on im not gonna make it...!
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Did you forget my request?
TheIcedWolf Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
i havnt forgotten, but it does take time for me to get around to doing them so im afraid a little paitience is neccesary.
CreativeHedgie295 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh ok, I'll keep waiting, I'm very patient.
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